Small details can make big differences!


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Welcome to Yachtbroker Yachting Company Muiderzand!

Yachting Company Muiderzand is a yachtbroker that stands out for its perfect location in the heart of the Netherlands and its 40 berths in the water and at the sales landing stage ashore. Yachting Company Muiderzand offers a range of boats at prices ranging from 45,000 euro up to 500,000 euro. This means our customers are able to choose from a wide variety suiting all tastes.

Yachting Company Muiderzand is known as a "Master Craftsman" with its personal, no-nonsense approach to customers and their yachts. It offers a full service package and a top location which makes Yachting Company Muiderzand "The Place to Be". By the way: almost every yacht at Yachting Company Muiderzand has been inspected in advance, which means that you can buy or sell a yacht with complete confidence.

Small details can make big differences!

Set your compass to 52°19.99'N - 05°08.22'E, and set course towards reliability and assurance when you buy or sell a yacht!

The crew of Yachting Company Muiderzand

Mariëlle Bekx
Stephan Hagethorn

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