Sell my yacht

Small details can make big differences!


Yachting Company Muiderzand is situated at the end of Het Gooi on the north side of the Hollandse Brug: a favourable location in the centre of the Netherlands (just 20 km away from Amsterdam) and directly by the open water. Our location, as well as the proximity of the other renowned water sport companies of the Marina Muiderzand (Amorgos, Kniest, Sailcenter, Shipshape, Jansma Jacht and X-yachts), make the place a major attraction for water sport enthusiasts. Our sales office is situated centrally for our 40 berths in the water and onshore. It is, in fact, the finest, largest and best sales harbour in the central Netherlands. And it is your number one location if you want to sell your valuable property (YCM also has closed circuit TV on site).

This is what Yachting Company Muiderzand has to offer you:

  • Top location in The Netherlands
  • No Sale No Fee
  • Your boat will be offered on various (international) websites
  • Website in 7 languages (more than 50% international sales)
  • Big database
  • Onshore mooring and water mooring
  • All boats will be inspected in advance for complete confidence
  • Survey report can be downloaded from the website; no other European broker will give a potential buyer so much information on forehand
  • CCTV
  • Personal YCM-webpage to follow the activities
  • Purchase price can be paid out via a notary
  • Personal attention for customer and yacht
  • Open 6 days a week
  • An active and honest way of selling your yacht

Just fully complete this YACHT FOR SALE-form to receive full information on our terms and conditions - we will reply as soon as possible.